Lucy Campbell

Categories: 31 Aug 2012

Having commissioned, worked in partnership with, and had the honour of being trained and supported by Pauline, this lady most certainly comes highly recommended. Over a period of 8 years I have witnessed Pauline?s natural ability to engage with the most diverse range of people, and am continuously amazed by her unique skills set, which literally breaks down some of the biggest barriers for progression. Pauline uses a very special ?person centred approach?, helping individuals, colleagues, communities and organisations, forge relationships and participate effectively, as they grow and encounter the most amazing journey, to achieve their goals and aspirations. Personally, Pauline has helped me to uncover my potential, plan for success and provide me with a host of invaluable tools which I have taken with me through every step of my personal development. These tools have assisted me to: >Work with the some of the most vulnerable groups of people and assist them in making the right life changing choices. >Manage in a way that allows my staff and colleagues to participate wholly with each other and in the success and vision for our business >To deal mindfully with both personal and professional situations.