Pauline Granger

Categories: 31 Aug 2012

The Learning Disability Directorate wanted a programme of training in the delivery of person centred approaches and Pauline came with high recommendation. I attended training run by Pauline in PATH (Planning Alternative Tomorrows with Hope). This training was delivered in a way that engaged everyone in the room. I remember leaving feeling a great energy and passion. Since then over the past 6 years we have commissioned Pauline to deliver specific pieces of work within Heritage Care. Her contributions and delivery of this work has been outstanding Pauline also facilitated an Action Learning Set for 18 months bringing together a cross-section of people. The outcomes from this set included deeper working relationships and understanding of different perspectives. Pauline’s delivery gave time for reflection which resulted in people feeling energised and more able to cope with the pressures of their job. The work Pauline has done has had a huge impact on the organization and how we deliver services to people. Pauline has enabled new ways of working to be modeled and continues to support a community of practice she developed. People continue to think creatively, use the tools with great results. Pauline has a great appreciation for who you are and takes you on a great journey of learning and discovery. I admire her passion for developing alternative ways to possibility, great questions and the art of mindfulness. Her expertise in organization change and development is remarkable. Pauline has had a huge influence on my own person growth and continues to support my learning. She has widened my networks and experiences introducing me to valuable resources. She is an inspirational leader and I am blessed to have met such a motivational women