Workshops include positive action planning, graphic facilitation, leadership, social facilitation, developing great skills for entrepreneurs.


Tools for change. Mapping a Path for innovation

During these powerful 2 to 3 Hours we?ll focus on your business vision and what needs to happen to help that vision become a reality!

We?ll focus on what is most needed to help your passion-based business expand to reach more people, create more opportunities, look at the power of your resources and the networks for the future, Work with actions that are innovative and participative..

Most business coaches approach business from a very linear and structured process. I know that doesn?t work for most teams.? We have to get our creative-right brain self involved and lean into the practical power of our left-brain focus and action.

We?ll look at where in your business your growth is getting blocked.? Where do you need more clarity, confidence, and creativity?? What do you have going for you right now that you can maximize for greater visibility, opportunity, clients, and money?

Each session is custom-designed to fit your specific needs: personally and professionally.

We?ll focus on areas including:

  • Expanding your Business & Personal Vision for the work you are ready to do in the world!
  • Gaining clarity on your message, service, or product?so it will have maximum impact and success
  • Removing blocks for you to be aligned with your highest passion and vision
  • Strategizing on product and programs.
  • Launch ideas for your new program or creating new actions
  • Getting clear on your ideal client so you can better focus your marketing energy and efforts
  • Creating an inspired action plan for your next steps.
  • A powerfully amazing Visual Map of our Vision & Strategy Session.
  • You’ll leave feeling more clear, more aligned, and sure of the next step for stepping into the spotlight with your business in a way that is authentic, congruent and powerful? very creative and a whole lot more fun!